Rodeo Soccer

Some fun with Photoshop, subtracting and adding visual elements, correcting saturation and hue to match.
Image Editing and Composition
A couple of Advertisements for the 1928 Jewelry Company
Designs for 'No Label' active clothing line
'Coal Energy Drink' made for REAP (The Renewable Energy Accountability Project)
Jaded Ash - Montage Changing for the Better EP Promotional Art
Some images from my portfolio

Fan Art - WB Movie Posters: "Justice League" & "Gotham City"

Some fan art for DC and WB. Images taken from various sources and assembled using Photoshop.

Affliction Jewelry Proposal. These images were used as part of a pitch for Affliction's Jewelry line. Original art in pencil and ink, assembled in Photoshop for layout and detail.

Original Jewelry proposal for Sinful

Original photo accented with technical schematic designs using Photoshop and Illustrator.

1928 Jewelry Company Promotional Artwork:
Original photographs shot indoors using Canon 50D, and cleaned up in Photoshop. The last 2 images were reconstructed using various layers and filters to produce an alabaster look, and highlight the detail of the jewelry.

Photo Retouching and Digital Editing samples using Photoshop.

A few pieces from my Life Drawing class at Westwood College. Some of the assignments included scaled perspective, and multiple figures in a single environment. One of the best classes I've ever had.